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The New Woman, 1897

Standing on a mountain of already donated volumes, an amiable barker calls for still more books from passers-by outside the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.1910s

Harry C. Rubicam, In the Circus,1907

Henry Ford driving in a demonstration run with Harry Harkness at the Grosse Pointe track - c. 1903

Chinatown, San Francisco c. 1900 by Arnold Genthe

China. Street scene in Canton,c.1880

Café Chantant, Sevilla, Spain, c.1900

Parade à la foire de Boulogne, circa 1900

Suffragettes Protest, University of Manchester 1909

The Biltmore Ice Gardens,c.1915

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 1903

Street Kids in Sleeping Quarters, New York, 1889

Girls in bloomers on climbing apparatus, Western High School, Washington, D.C. - Cyanotype - Francis Benjamin Johnston - c. 1899

Summertime, Budapest c.1904

Unknown, Hungary c.1915

Teacher and group of grade school children standing around a birdcage studying birds, Washington, D.C., circa 1899

High Kick, Overlook,Yosemite Valley,California, c. 1910

Land sailing: sand yacht of Emanuel Urlus on the beach between Noordwijk and Katwijk (the Netherlands), 1917

Otto Lilienthal (May 23, 1848 - 1896) was a German pioneer of human aviation who became known as the Glider King… Photo: Otto in flight, 1895

The photo showed Adolf Hitler in the huge crowd which heard the announcement of the First World War outside Field Marshals’ Hall, Munich on 2 August 1914.

Rodin in his Paris studio, 1905

Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, trapped in Antarctic pack ice, 1915. Photograph by Frank Hurley.

Chief & Son by Felice Beato,1884/5

Alfred Stieglitz ~The Terminal,1911

Luna Park at Coney Island circa 1905

Children beach-comb for waste materials to resell on Tate Hill Sands, Whitby, North Yorkshire, January 1880

Henri Giffard’s balloon before ascent, Tuileries, Paris, 1878

Koyak Armor by Vladimir Jochelson,1900-01

Lincoln Beachey’s flight under the Upper Steel Arch Bridge,Niagara Falls,1911

Anatomy Class, 1905

Suffrage parade, New York City, May 6, 1912

Western Geisha group,1907

E.S.Curtis ~The drying mummy,1910

A street carnival on the Capitol Square,1902

Snake charmer,Egypt,1900s

Auto polo by Bain News Service [between 1910 and 1915]

Arabic school, learning the Koran,Egypt,c.1899

Suspension Bridge Capilano Canyon - early 1900’s


Bronze statue of Dai-boutsu, near Kamakura,1870s

Female musicians, India.1898


A woman needed several helpers when putting on a crinoline, circa 1850

Women playing hockey outside Varsity Arena Toronto,c.1910

San Francisco Chinatown Opium Scandal 1892

Newsgirl & Newsboy, New York, 1896

Teaching a deaf-mute to talk, Training School for Deaf Mutes, Sulphur, Oklahoma, April 1917

The proverbial bed of nails, c.1900

World War I: Pupils of Eton college exercising in suits and tops hat, rifles over their shoulders, England, 1915

Bordeaux paper woman, circa 1918-1919

Adolf de Meyer ~A street in China, 1912

First World War, Belgium, Air war. A French pilot makes a emergency landing on own terrain after a failed Attack on German Zeppelin hangars near Brussels, 1915

irst World War, mobilization, declaration of war: a group of soldiers with a cloth to throw one of them into the air during preparations for the battle at the front. England, 1915

Maori Salutation

Harvesting mescal, Apache,c.1906

The snake priest ,Hopi c.1906

New Year’s Day in Chinatown, San Francisco,1900

A Rainy Day in Paris, photogravure, 1895

“”Too many automobiles for New York’s crowded streets,” January 16, 1916

Nineteenth Century Photo relief of the garden of the Moulin Rouge, 1898

A lily-footed woman of China. C. 1900

Ogawa Kazumasa ~Jardin Okano - Negishi - Tokyo

“Établissements Schneider. Usine du Creusot. Projectiles divers fabriqués au Creusot. Juillet 1916

Ford T sur rail, Service des Pompiers forestiers en 1910

E.S.Curtis ~ The Eclipse Dance,1914

Girl worker, cotton mill, c.1908. Hine’s photographs were instrumental in changing the child labour laws in the United States

E.S.Curtis~Hopi Indian women grinding grain

Bamboo Grove Kyoto Japan Stereoview, 1895

Gilbert Balloon Fligt, Russia, May 1910

Ch. Chusseau-Flaviens - Hollande scenes villageoises, ca. 1900-1919

Outdoor Theater

Jewish New Year - Praying on Brooklyn Bridge c.1910-1915

French troops passing though the ruins of Verdun, France, 1916

Spanish flu, Camp Funston, Kansas

:Steamship Alley. Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois. 1912

Hipódromo - Buenos Aires - 1888

Yorkshire. Bathing machines. 1897

First Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914)

The fortune teller~china town, San Francisco 1892

Elephant Tearing at a Tree, India c.1870

Scene of a Cremation, India c.1860

Gustave de Beaucorps - Two Algerian Women in Native Costume c.1859

The Oriental Suite by Roger Fenton 1858

E.S.Curtis ~ Navajo Dance

Arnold Genthe, The Street of the Gamblers. San Francisco, 1896-1906

Bison skulls, 1870

A day at the seaside.

Circa 1910. “Woodberry Forest Gymnasium Team.” Prep-school gymnasts from Orange, Virginia

Two women boxing

Minstrel with Banjo ca 1900

The Kitchenware Sellers (c.1903)

Hamburg Hopfenmarkt 1900


Monorail Brennan & Scherl (1907)

New York 1885

Yogi Holy Man, India, c. 1900 via

Samuel Dixon crossed the Niagara on tightrope in 1890

Saloon. Morenci- Arizona,1895

Wine-making. Russia,1889

Market scene in Sarajevo, c.1920s

A Female Mason Perched High above Berlin (c. 1910)

Что-то меня снова на винтажное потянуло.

Это все интернет виноват, да. Заглянешь этак на сайт с любопытным названием Turn of the century, а там... Много чего из этого самого "стыка веков". На все вкусы - от любителей Див во всех ракурсах (черт побери - как они в корсетах вообще дышать умудрялись в погоне за "осиными талиями") до постеров, ретро-открыток и иллюстраций.

В общем, такая милая историческая солянка, которую можно проглядеть по диагонали, мимолетно задумавшись о том, как быстро состоялся скачок... к женской эмансипации, к примеру. Или о том, насколько чуждыми все-таки были и во многом остаются Восток и Запад, несмотря на агрессивное проникновение Запада на Восток и очарованием "таинственным Востоком", буквально пронизавшим Запад эпохи начала этой агрессии...
Tags: История в фотографиях, Люди, Фотографии, винтажные фотографии

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